All True Crime Cases Comics 48

Title Published
February 1948 to September 1952
Issue Numbers
26 to 52
Number of Issues
Continued From
Official True Crime Cases
All True Crime Cases Comics 48 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1952
Indicia Publisher
Leading Magazine Corp.
Cover Titles
They Vanish By Night!
Ape Arnold!
The Waiting Death!
No Escape!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  9129 Ape Arnold, The Brute of Brooklyn 7 pg art Hank Chapman script signed
George Tuska pencils attributed
  8970 Only One Way Out 2 pg text
  9140 The Waiting Death! 6 pg art Fred Kida pencils attributed
  9109 Strictly Legal 6 pg art Sol Brodsky pencils signed
  8941 The Clay Pigeon! 6 pg art George Tuska pencils attributed
  9114 Dead City! 4 pg art Dan Loprino pencils signed
  9192 No Escape! 4 pg art Allen Bellman pencils attributed
  9060 They Vanish by Night 5 pg art George Tuska pencils signed
  9060 They Vanish By Night! 7 pg art George Tuska pencils signed