All True Crime Cases Comics 51

Title Published
February 1948 to September 1952
Issue Numbers
26 to 52
Number of Issues
Continued From
Official True Crime Cases
All True Crime Cases Comics 51 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1952
Cover Titles
Panic in the Big House!
Ten Days To Live!
Tong War!
Cover Credits
Sol Brodsky pencils attributed
Christopher Rule inks guess
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  A-122 Panic In The Big House

Notes: Usually cover and inside story have nothing to do with each other. Here the cover fits the story quite well. Not done by the same artist, either. Maybe because it's a 'true story'? - Ger A.
5 pg art Dan Loprino pencils signed
  9783 Too Perfect 2 pg text
  A-9 Shake-Down

Notes: Here we see Tuska delivering a story in solid mid fifty mode. One of the best early Tuska stories I have seen. - Ger A.
6 pg art George Tuska pencils attributed
  A-104 Tong War 6 pg art Jack Keller pencils signed
  A-48 Ten Days To Live! 6 pg art Marion Sitton pencils signed