Lana 1

Title Published
August 1948 to August 1949
Issue Numbers
1 to 7
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Little Lana
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1948
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  2940 The Show Must Go On!
·Lana starring
10 pg art
  - -

Notes: One page ad for Captain Tootsie by C.C. Beck.
1 pg art
  2590 Clara Takes the Rap!
·Lana starring
10 pg art
  2741 Guess Which Dress!
·Millie the Model starring
7 pg art
  - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Notes: Ad for Venus Comics.
- pg house ad
  SL-2115 Man's Best Friend 2 pg text
  - Mystery! Action! Thrills! Romance!

Notes: Ad for Namora Comics.
- pg house ad
  3040 Her Stage Door Johnny!
·Lana starring
7 pg art
  1775 Snooty Beauties!
·Rusty starring
6 pg art