Lana 5

Title Published
August 1948 to August 1949
Issue Numbers
1 to 7
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Little Lana
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1949
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  4589 High Spirits!
·Lana starring
7 pg art
  4522 Advice on Ice
·Lana starring
5 pg art
  - A Letter to our Readers and their Parents 1 pg editorial
  4521 Water on the Brain!
·Lana starring
7 pg art
  SL-3312 According to Rules 2 pg text
  - Statement of Ownership - pg art
  3754 Never Too Late!
·Millie the Model starring
7 pg art
  4630 Dress Rehearsal!
·Lana starring
5 pg art
  4086 The Impatient Patient!
·Nellie the Nurse starring
7 pg art
  4418 Stringin' Along!
·Lana starring
5 pg art