All Winners Comics 19

Title Published
Summer 1941 to Fall 1946
Issue Numbers
1 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued Into
All Teen
Issue Information
Cover Date
Fall 1946
The Human Torch starring
The Sub-Mariner starring
Captain America starring
The Whizzer starring
Miss America starring
Cover Credits
Syd Shores pencils attributed
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Title Pages Credits
The Crime of the Ages!

Notes: First appearance.

Reprinted In: Fantasy Masterpieces 10
5 pg art
The Age of Bronze! Chapter 2.
·Captain America starring
8 pg art
The Iron Age! Chapter 3
·The Whizzer starring
6 pg art
The Steel Age Chapter 4
·The Human Torch starring
8 pg art
The Stone Age Chapter 5
·Miss America starring
5 pg art
The Ice Age Chapter 6
·The Sub-Mariner starring
7 pg art
Conclusion! Chapter 7
4 pg art