All Winners Comics 4

Title Published
Summer 1941 to Fall 1946
Issue Numbers
1 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued Into
All Teen
Issue Information
Cover Date
Spring 1942
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
U.S.A. Comic Corp.
The Human Torch starring
The Sub-Mariner starring
Captain America starring
The Destroyer starring
The Whizzer starring
Cover Credits
Al Avison pencils signed
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Title Pages Credits

Notes: Inside front cover.
1 pg contents
The Terror of the Slimy Japs!
·The Human Torch starring
·Toro the Flaming Kid starring
12 pg art Carl Burgos pencils signed

Notes: Ad for Captain America's Sentinels of Liberty fan club.
1 pg house ad
The Sorceror's Sinister Secret!
·Captain America starring
·Bucky starring
12 pg art Al Avison pencils attributed
George Klein inks guess
·The Whizzer starring
12 pg art Ernie Hart pencils guess
Miser's Gold!
2 pg text
...Combats the Sinister Horde!
·The Sub-Mariner starring

Notes: More cartooney and more Pfeufer-ish. Not as Pfeufer as pure Pfeufer but almost like Everett inking Pfeufer, toning down the exaggerations. Everett could turn on the cartooney style also on occasion but this is not all Everett. - Doc V.
12 pg art Bill Everett pencils signed
Carl Pfeufer inks attributed

Notes: Ad for Joker Comics #2.
1 pg house ad Stan Lee script signed
Ernie Hart pencils attributed
·The Destroyer starring
12 pg art Al Gabriele pencils guess
George Klein inks guess

Notes: Inside back cover. Ad for Young Aliies 3.
1 pg house ad