Battlefield 3

Title Published
April 1952 to May 1953
Issue Numbers
1 to 11
Number of Issues
Battlefield 3 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1952
Cover Titles
Ambush Patrol!
Cover Credits
Sol Brodsky pencils attributed
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
A-580 Under Fire

Notes: Hero dies.
7 pg art Hank Chapman script signed
  A-380 Blood Of A Hero! 2 pg text
A-589 Ambush Patrol

Notes: Hero dies.
6 pg art Werner Roth pencils guess
  A-509 A Few Minutes More!

Notes: Hero dies.
6 pg art Ogden Whitney pencils signed
A-395 Helpless!

Notes: Hero kills brother.
5 pg art Robert Q. Sale pencils signed
A-401 Code!

Notes: Hero dies.
5 pg art Norman Steinberg pencils signed
A-553 Killed In Action

Notes: Hero dies.
6 pg art George Tuska pencils attributed