Battlefield 9

Title Published
April 1952 to May 1953
Issue Numbers
1 to 11
Number of Issues
Battlefield 9 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
March 1953
Indicia Publisher
Animirth Comics, inc.
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils attributed
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Doc V.: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
B-922 Danger Zone! 6 pg art Werner Roth pencils attributed
  B-809 A Spy Among Us 5 pg art Carl Wessler script attributed
Jay Scott Pike pencils signed
  10015 Bayonet 2 pg text
  - For the Best WAR Tales, Always Buy Magazines Having the ATLAS Seal!

Notes: The Atlas seal is displayed large and prominently in the center of the page surrounded by mastheads of all 19 of the current War titles.
1 pg house ad
C-56 City Of Slaves 6 pg art Sam Kweskin pencils attributed
  B-873 100 Feet Down 5 pg art Paul S Newman script attributed
Ed Moline pencils signed