Suspense 12

Title Published
December 1949 to April 1953
Issue Numbers
1 to 29
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1951
Cover Notes
Signed G.T.
Issue Notes
There is no text story in this issue.
Indicia Frequency
Publish Notes
Indicia misspells title as "SUSPENCE".
Indicia Publisher
Broadcast Features Publications, Inc.
Cover Titles
The Dark Road!
The Old Woman!
Fingers of Fire!
You're Killing Me!
Cover Credits
George Tuska pencils signed
Notes: Main panel
Carl Burgos pencils and inks attributed
Notes: 3 side panels
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Cover Creator Credit
Swipe for more
Title Pages Credits
The Dark Road
6 pg art Russ Heath pencils and inks signed

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
The Trumpet!

Notes: Gag story. This is typical of the sort of stories Stan Lee wrote for Menace, but it isn't signed.
2 pg art Joe Maneely pencils and inks signed

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
You're Killing Me!
3 pg art Norman Steinberg pencils and inks signed

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
Draw Me A Picture

Notes: The newspaper vendor on page three is a typical Tuska figure. This is one of those stories about an artist, that pop up now and again. In this one ad agency artist Fred discovers he has an eraser that can actually make anything he draws from life disappear. He uses it to get rich. In the end he surprisingly makes someone disappear who is very near and dear to him. - Ger A.
5 pg art George Tuska pencils attributed
George Tuska inks guess

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
Fingers Of Fire!
4 pg art Werner Roth pencils guess
Christopher Rule inks guess
The Old Woman

Notes: Very detailed drawing early Reinman story. Very well written, too. The important plot points aren't spelled out for the reader, but still clear. A couple of criminals rent a room from a nice old lady, She tells them a secret... she used to be a writer, but her books went out of style. The couple (who pretend to be man and wife) plan to take over in the house while cashing in her checks. The old lady likes the idea... she's excited that she is going to be a prisoner in her own house. The couple try to be menacing, but she keeps smiling. They suspect she is keeping something from them. When they force her to tell what it is, she takes them to the cellar... and locks them in. Then she tells them her secret: "Remember I told you I used to be a writer? Well, I always wanted to make a comback... as a writer of... SUSPENSE. But I couldn't get any ideas. Then you showed up! Now I have got my plot and I am going away to write it! You'll be all alone here... for good!" The accompanying panel is pretty weird, too. The woman isn't drawn normally, but in some sort of dot print, making it look that the artist has picked a photo from a newspaper! - Ger A.
5 pg art Paul Reinman pencils and inks signed

Ger Apeldoorn: Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit