Battlefront 12

Title Published
June 1952 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
1 to 48
Number of Issues
Battlefront 12 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1953
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Postal Publications, Inc.
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils attributed
Danny Koschok: Cover Image
Frank Wilmot: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  C-277 Flare-up In Fuchon 6 pg art Sam Burlockoff pencils signed
  C-343 The Lucky Mig! 5 pg art Vernon Henkel pencils signed
  9122 Recruit! 2 pg text Russ Heath pencils guess
  C-282 Platoon Leader! 6 pg art Manny Stallman pencils signed
  - MENACE #2

Notes: Top caption: In These Pages Are the Most Unusual, Terrifying Tales Ever Told!!! 1st middle caption: The Magazine that has taken America by Storm! 2nd middle caption: Don't Miss this Second Great Issue! Bottom Caption: Tales of Maddening Menace (surrounded on either side by skulls).
1 pg house ad
  C-268 In the Cards! 5 pg art Gil Kane pencils guess

Michael Feldman: Creator Credit