Two-Gun Kid 5

Title Published
March 1948 to April 1961
Issue Numbers
1 to 59
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1948
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Marvel Comics, Inc.
Two-Gun Kid starring
Cover Credits
Syd Shores pencils unsigned
Vince Alascia inks guess
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  3795 The Rider of the Owlhoot Trail!
·Two-Gun Kid starring

Notes: In the story, a circus bareback rider named Kim Lewis is staying with her uncle Hank Lewis while recuperating from an injury. She's bored, and decides to stir things up a bit by dressing as a masked desperado (though she never actually commits any real crimes). She calls herself "The Black Rider" and wears a full black suit, black cape, black gloves, broad-brimmed black hat, and a black mask with eye-holes that covers the face but hangs loose at the bottom; everyone assumes she's a man. In fact, she looks JUST LIKE this. Two-Gun Kid finds her out and she is forced to abandon her lark. - Tom Lammers.
7 pg art Syd Shores pencils unsigned
Vince Alascia inks guess

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  SL-3087 The Guardian 2 pg text
  - -

Notes: Ad for Sport Pix magazine.
1 pg house ad
  3496 Guns Blast in Thunder Pass!
·Two-Gun Kid starring
12 pg art Russ Heath pencils unsigned
Russ Heath inks attributed

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  - Hi, Friends 1 pg editorial
  3938 Annie Clicks in Politics!
·Arizona Annie starring
3 pg art Pierce Rice pencils unsigned
Pierce Rice inks guess

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  3257 Shotgun Justice!
·Two-Gun Kid starring
5 pg art Pierce Rice pencils attributed
Unknown inks
Notes: Inks by various hands

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit