Battle 5

Title Published
March 1951 to June 1960
Issue Numbers
1 to 70
Number of Issues
Battle 5 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1951
Sighted Date Stamp
Aug 1, 1951
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Foto Parade, Inc.
Cover Titles
The Death Trap of General Wu!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
8896 The Death Trap Of General Wu 7 pg art Al Hartley pencils attributed
  8914 The Secret Of Sabatoge! 2 pg text
8894 Jet Fighters Also Die! 6 pg art Joe Maneely pencils signed
8901 To The Rescue
·Private Tim O'Toole starring

Notes: In the final panel, O'Toole reads War Comics in the guardhouse.
6 pg art Joe Maneely pencils signed

Tom Lammers: Story Information
8929 The Traitor! 4 pg art Norman Steinberg pencils signed