Battle 70

Title Published
March 1951 to June 1960
Issue Numbers
1 to 70
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Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1960
Cover Notes
Looks mostly by [Kirby/Rule]. The �enemy soldiers� (seen from behind) are in typical Kirby attitudes such as their bent knees and the 1/4 facial veiw on the left, but the raised hand that overlaps the �Face-to-face with the Enemy!� blurb on the right looks like a Jack Davis-type hand. In the background the two figures on the right are in typical Kirby attitudes, but the figures to the left do not appear to be by Kirby. The central figure appears to be by Kirby with revisions by someone else. - the stikman
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Indicia Publisher
Male Publishing Corp.
Cover Titles
Face-To-Face With The Enemy!
Dateline:Iwo Jima!
Cover Credits
Jack Kirby pencils attributed
Christopher Rule inks attributed
the stikman: Cover Creator Credit
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
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Title Pages Credits
A Tank Knows No Mercy!

Notes: This story has some unusual graphic themes for Kirby and Ditko.
The most prevailing visual theme: War is a muddy, dirty business.
Page 2 panel 3: the roadway of muddy tractor treads.
Page 3 panel 1: the mud covered feet of the American soldier bursts through the panel border.
Page 5 panel 1: as the American soldier runs toward us, one mud covered foot pierces the panel proscenium.
- the stikman.
5 pg art Jack Kirby pencils attributed
Steve Ditko inks attributed

the stikman: Creator Credit
2 pg text
Dateline - Iwo Jima!
5 pg art Carl Burgos pencils attributed
The Thick of Battle!

Notes: Prevailing theme: War is a bitter cold business.
I imagine Kirby is remembering his own experience with frostbite as a WWII serviceman.
Page 1 panel 1: The snow encrusted feet of the Korean soldiers march toward us one of them bursts through the panel border.
Page 3 panel 2: The snow encrusted feet of the American soldier loom toward us as he hugs the cold ground.
Page 4 panel 5: The �loudmouth� has �a wide stance�.
-the stikman.
4 pg art Jack Kirby pencils attributed
Joe Sinnott inks attributed

the stikman: Creator Credit
4 pg art Bill Everett pencils attributed
Statement Required by the Act of

Notes: For 1 Oct 1959. Martin Goodman, publisher; Stan Lee, editor.
- pg art
Face to Face with the Enemy!

Notes: A propaganda tale with a somewhat interesting storytelling device featuring parallel stories of the Korean War:
On the left side of the pages the American point of view: Reluctant, soft, distracted by their lives of ease.
On the right side of the pages the Korean point of view: Eager, confident, focused, anticipating glories to come.
On page four a American soldier named �Stan� and a Korean soldier named �Kim� are dispatched by their respective units.
On page five the tables are suddenly turned. The �valiant (American) fighting man protect the freedom and ease he is heir to...�, as �the gods of the Koreans �look down without interest�.
-the stikman.
5 pg art Don Heck pencils attributed

the stikman: Creator Credit