Georgie Comics 1

Title Published
Spring 1945 to October 1952
Issue Numbers
1 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Georgie and Judy
Issue Information
Cover Date
Spring 1945
Cover Credits
Frank Carin pencils attributed
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Title Pages Credits
·Georgie starring

Notes: Here we meet Georgie Lawson of Riverside USA.: "All-American lad, the typical teen-ager." His parents; his pal Monty, his girlfriend Judy Collins, her father and their African-American maid Dinah.

We later learn that his father's name is Will (R-124), short for William (3072); his mother is Sara (R-329). Monty's full name is Monty Williams (R-358) or later Montgomery J. Muntchinson (SL-1456). Riverside (R-252, R-439) is later called Riverdale (R-336) or Laurelton (1802) or Lauralton (3536). - Tom Lammers
9 pg art Frank Carin pencils attributed
Georgie Puzzle Page
1 pg activity page
Timed for Teens

Notes: Miss America ad.
1 pg house ad
·Georgie starring
10 pg art Frank Carin pencils attributed
For Health ... eat some food from each group ...every day!
1 pg public service
Georgie Puzzle Page
1 pg activity page
·Georgie starring

Notes: Georgie and Monty go to see police captain Goodman. Damned if he isn't the spitting image of young Martin Goodman! - Tom Lammers.
8 pg art Frank Carin pencils attributed