Georgie Comics 11

Title Published
Spring 1945 to October 1952
Issue Numbers
1 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Georgie and Judy
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1947
Cover Credits
Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  - Table of Contents

Notes: Lists Stan Lee, Managing Editor and Director of Art; Mike Sekowsky and Frank Giacoia, Art Associates; R. Solomon, Consulting Associate; Jim Miele and Al Sulman, Editorial Associates; and Gary Keller, Production Associate.
1 pg contents
  R-405 Ain't Love Lovely?
·Georgie starring
7 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
  SL-1458 Judy's Tennis Menace!
·Georgie starring
6 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
  SL-853 Publicity Mad!
·Millie the Model starring
8 pg art Ken Bald script attributed
Ken Bald pencils attributed
  SL-1431 Uncle Tom's Present 2 pg text
  R-464 The Bear Facts of Life!
·Georgie starring

Notes: Georgie is initiated into the "Secret Order of the Brother" fraternity; note the iniitials.
8 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
  SL-1381 Margie's Movie Mix-Up!
·Margie starring
7 pg art Morris Weiss pencils signed
  - A Smash Hit!

Notes: Junior Miss ad.
1 pg house ad
  SL-1456 The Romantic Romeo!
·Georgie starring
6 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
  - Win Big Cash Prizes!

Notes: Miss America ad.
1 pg house ad