True Secrets 3

Title Published
March 1950 to September 1956
Issue Numbers
3 to 40
Number of Issues
Continued From
Our Love
True Secrets 3 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
March 1950
Cover Titles
I Was an Unwilling Bride!
I Craved His Kisses!
I Was A Nobody!
The Wrong Man!
How Bitter My Love!
Cover Credits
Christopher Rule pencils guess
Christopher Rule inks attributed
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  6995 I Was a Nobody! 8 pg art
  7001 My Hearts Most Tragic Moment 1 pg art
  6878 Unwilling Bride! 6 pg art
  6301 Apart Forever 1 pg text
  6977 I Longed for His Kisses! 7 pg art
  6302 I Was Never Satisfied 1 pg art
  6906 How Bitter, My Love! 7 pg art
  - Letters Of True Secrets 2 pg letters page
  5856 The Wrong Man! 8 pg art