True Secrets 34

Title Published
March 1950 to September 1956
Issue Numbers
3 to 40
Number of Issues
Continued From
Our Love
True Secrets 34 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1955
Cover Titles
His Lips on Mine!
The Man I Love!
Private Secretary!
Cover Credits
Vince Colletta pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  G-991 More Than A Wife! 6 pg art Tom Scheuer pencils signed
  G-964 Private Secretary! 6 pg art Jay Scott Pike pencils signed
  G-911 June Wedding 2 pg text
  G-990 The Man I Love! 5 pg art Matt Baker pencils attributed
  G-945 His Lips On Mine! 6 pg art Vince Colletta pencils signed