True Secrets 30

Title Published
March 1950 to September 1956
Issue Numbers
3 to 40
Number of Issues
Continued From
Our Love
True Secrets 30 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1955
Cover Titles
My Man!
Love Comes to Linda!
Cover Credits
Vince Colletta pencils signed
Frank Motler: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  F-968 My Man 6 pg art Vince Colletta pencils signed
  F-966 On Bended Knee 6 pg art John Tartaglione pencils signed
  G-219 A Dream Comes True 2 pg text
  G-82 Love Comes to Linda 5 pg art John Forte pencils signed
  G-18 Someday He'll Come Along! 6 pg art Jay Scott Pike pencils signed