USA Comics 3

Title Published
August 1941 to Fall 1945
Issue Numbers
1 to 17
Number of Issues
USA Comics 3 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1942
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
U.S.A. Comic Magazine Corp.
Captain Terror starring
Cover Credits
Joe Simon pencils guess
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  - Yahoo! Look out spies and enemies of Liberty! Here come the Young Allies!

Notes: Inside front cover.
1 pg house ad
  - The Magic Crystal of Death!
·Captain Terror starring
17 pg art Mike Suchorsky pencils attributed

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - Major Liberty and the Headless Horseman
·Major Liberty starring
7 pg art Syd Shores pencils attributed
Unknown inks

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - -
·The Vagabond starring
8 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils signed
George Klein inks guess

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - The Monster Who Couldn't Be Stopped!!
·The Defender starring
7 pg art George Klein pencils signed
George Klein inks signed

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - Quicker Than the Eye! 2 pg text Stan Lee script signed
  - -
·Rockman, Underground Secret Agent starring
7 pg art Stan Lee script signed
Charles Nicholas pencils guess

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - The Biggest Event of the Century!

Notes: Ad for The Human Torch No. 5 and Sub-MAriner No.3.
1 pg house ad
  - Buy From Me or Else
·Jack Frost starring

Notes: George Klein went over this and can be credited as an additional inker after the teenagers turned it in.
7 pg art Frank Giacoia pencils attributed
Carmine Infantino inks attributed

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - Unsolved Mysteries 1 pg art
  - -

Notes: Ad for Captain America No. 10 and a Sentinels of Liberty offer.
1 pg house ad
  - -

Feature: Powers of the Press
6 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils signed
  - -

Notes: Inside back cover. Ad for Mystic and Daring Comics.
1 pg house ad