USA Comics 6

Title Published
August 1941 to Fall 1945
Issue Numbers
1 to 17
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1942
Captain America starring
Cover Credits
Alex Schomburg pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  - The Ghost's Gaze of Death
·Captain America starring

Notes: There is a tombstone on page 5 with Stan Lee's name on it.
15 pg art Al Avison pencils attributed
Syd Shores pencils attributed
George Klein inks attributed
  - Terror Squad 8 pg art
  - The Den of Horror
·The Destroyer starring
7 pg art Bob Oksner pencils and inks attributed
  - Death in the Coral Sea 5 pg art Louis Ferstadt pencils attributed
  - Jeep Joins the Army 5 pg art Chic Stone inks attributed
Chic Stone pencils and inks attributed
  - Look Out for Spies! 2 pg text
  - -
·The Whizzer starring
8 pg art Louis Ferstadt pencils and inks signed
  - Sergeant Dix Calls the Plays!
·Sergeant Dix starring
6 pg art Roy Garn script signed
Frank Borth pencils and inks signed
  - -
·Jap Buster Johnson starring
9 pg art Dennis Neville pencils and inks attributed
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