Girls' Life 1

Title Published
January 1954 to November 1954
Issue Numbers
1 to 6
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1954
Cover Credits
Al Hartley pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  - - 1 pg contents
  D-583 Just a Quiet Evening!
·Patsy Walker starring
5 pg art Al Jaffee pencils attributed
  D-614 Patsy Presents American Fashions with a Paris Flair 2 pg fashion page
  D-586 Kid Sister 3 pg text
  D-612 Patsy's Diet Tips! Hold that Calorie 1 pg article
  D-616 Partying with Patsy 2 pg article
  D-613 Patsy's Beauty Section 2 pg article
  D-573 Star's in Her Eyes 3 pg text
  D-615 I Lead a Double Life 1 pg article
  D-615 Be a Quick Change Artist 1 pg article
  D-610 Heart Clinic 2 pg letters page
  D-617 Patsy's Own Page 1 pg article