Girls' Life 2

Title Published
January 1954 to November 1954
Issue Numbers
1 to 6
Number of Issues
Girls' Life 2 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
March 1954
Cover Credits
Al Hartley pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  - -

Notes: Stan Lee Editorial and Art Director
Alan Sulman Editorial Assistant
1 pg contents
  D-920 Hedy Horns In 5 pg art
  D-841 Patsy Ponders Easter Problems
·Patsy Walker starring
12 pg art
  D-785 Suzy's Pet Project 3 pg art
  D-842 Pretty to Bed 1 pg art
  D-788 Patsy Invites You to an Easter Brunch 2 pg art
  D-919 A Patsy Walker Extra!
·Patsy Walker starring
1 pg art
  D-840 Patsy's Beauty Tips
·Patsy Walker starring
2 pg art
  D-804 Leave it to the Girls 3 pg text
  D-856 Accessories, Anybody? 1 pg art
  D-318 A Patsy Walker Extra!
·Patsy Walker starring
1 pg art
  D-867 Heart Clinic 2 pg letters page
  D-875 Patsy's Own Page 1 pg art