Girls' Life 5

Title Published
January 1954 to November 1954
Issue Numbers
1 to 6
Number of Issues
Girls' Life 5 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1954
Cover Credits
Al Hartley pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  - - 1 pg contents
  E-715 -
·Patsy Walker starring
4 pg art Al Jaffee pencils attributed
  E-708 You Can Be Beautiful! 2 pg article
  E-706 Fall Furbishings 1 pg article
  E-705 Patsy Advises Nature Faking 2 pg article
  E-441 Julie's Romeo 2 pg text
  E-588 A Patsy Walker Extra! 1 pg art Al Jaffee pencils attributed
  E-707 There Goes the Ding-Dong, There Goes the Bell!!! 2 pg fashion page
  E-709 Treasure Trove 1 pg fashion page
  E-710 Heart Clinic 2 pg letters page
  E-703 Food for Slimsies ... 1 pg article
  - Readers' Very Own Corner

Notes: One letter asks for the inclusion of records in the comic. As part of the usual non-committal response ("if I get enough requests ..."), "Patsy" replies, "Speaking of 'platters', have you seen the new comic, 'The World's Greatest Songs'? It's sensash! Simply jam-packed with song hits! It's catching on like wild-fire with my gang." The sole issue of that title was #1 (Sep 1954). - Tom Lammers
2 pg letters page
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  E-712 A-Clubbing We Will Go 1 pg article
  E-711 Patsy's Pen Pals 1 pg article
  E-714 A Patsy Walker Extra! 1 pg art Al Jaffee pencils attributed
  E-717 Patsy's Own Page 1 pg article