The Human Torch 33

Title Published
Fall 1940 to August 1954
Issue Numbers
2 to 38
Number of Issues
Title Notes
The Torch series ran #2 to 5, then 5 through 36. #2(1) was Fall-40 #3(2) was Win-40/1 #4(3) was Spr-41 #5(4) was Sum-41 #5(5) was Fal-41 (battle issue) #6(6) was Win-42/2, etc Numbering continued as Love Tales (36-75), then resumed.
Continued From
Red Raven Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1948
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Cornell Publishing Corp.
Cover Credits
Syd Shores pencils guess
Title Pages Credits
  3680 The Ray of Madness
·The Human Torch starring
·Captain America starring
·Sun Girl starring

Notes: Animals by the thousands start attacking and killing people for unknown reasons. The U.S.'s foremost scientists meet to work on the problem.

At the Jeffersonian Institute in New York City attended by Captain America( Jeff Mace/Patriot ), Sun Girl and the Human Torch, Doctor Jefferson announces that the cause is rays emanating from the planet "Jupiter" and that unless it is stopped at its very source the ray will soon affect human beings.

Captain America suggested that the Human Torch fly to "Jupiter" to stop it.

The Torch takes of at Laguardia Airport for "Jupiter".

On "Jupiter" surrounding a red hot pool( the Pool Of Madness ) is Kleezar the leader of the Nomad Creatures Of Madness, The Parasites Of The Universe who senses the Torch's approach. When the Torch lands on "Jupiter" he is attacked and overpowered by the Creatures Of Horror ( Madness ), but soon freed by the Fire-Rain which destroys Kleezar's people. The Torch destroys the edge of The Pool Of Madness releasing the Fire-Water which "drowns" Kleezar.

After destroying the remnants of the Mad-Ray the Torch flies home.

Back at Doctor Jefferson's observatory Sun Girl, Captain America and Dr. Jefferson using his telescope spot the Torch returning to Earth. When the Torch's flame goes out as he nears the observatory they rush outside.

Captain America decides to use his own body to cushion the Torch's fall. The impact knocks them both out and Sun Girl assumed they had both died until they woke up. The Torch thanked Captain America for saving his life. John Holstein

Reprinted In: Giant-Size Avengers 1
10 pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  3338 Horror Hotel!
·The Human Torch starring
8 pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  - Little Things Are Important 2 pg text
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  3579 A Jinx for Georgie Jenks!
·The Sub-Mariner starring
8 pg art
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  3722 Sub-Mariner Quiz Page! 1 pg activity page
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