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October 1949
Cover Titles
Change of Heart
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Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  6397 Patsy Saves A Life!
·Patsy Walker starring
7 pg art
  6444 Change Of Heart

Notes: A True-To-Life Romance
6 pg art
  6459 Patsy And Her Picnic!
·Patsy Walker starring
7 pg art
  6437 Could I Compete With Clyde's Dream Girl?

Notes: A True-To-Life Romance
6 pg art
  - -

Notes: Movie magazine size. Slick paper throughout. The first really different magazine for Girls... the answer to so many of your questions. Body and soul (a doctor spreaks frankly). What dates must know. What your boyfreind won't tell you. How to be the life of the party by Bob Hope. At your newsdealers now.
1 pg house ad