Miss America v7 6 Cover Image
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January 1948
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Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
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Feature: Grins for Gals
1 pg art
  2280 Buzz Gets a Build-Up!
·Patsy Walker starring
7 pg art
  - Man About Town 5 pg illustrated story Elizabeth Eicher script signed
  2232 Spreading the News!
·Patsy Walker starring

Notes: A former employee of Mr. Walker named Guy Stanley is arrested for, and I quote, "beating and starving his wife and children." Hilarity ensues when the neighbors think it is Patsy's father, Stanley Walker, who has been beating and starving his family. Good gosh, was the world of 1948 *that* inured to domestic violence? - Tom Lammers.
5 pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  - Cupid and the Corn Fritters 5 pg illustrated story Michele Small script signed
  - Food for Fun 1 pg art
  - Mystery Along Radio Row 5 pg illustrated story Sally Mirliss script signed
  - Food for Fun 1 pg art
  2243 You Cur, Sir!
·Patsy Walker starring
8 pg art
  - Romance Is Where You Find It! 5 pg illustrated story Maxine Shore script signed
  - Stitchin' Time 1 pg fashion page
  - Food for Fun 1 pg art