Issue Information
Cover Date
May 1948
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  2767 Smart About Art!
·Patsy Walker starring
7 pg art
  - Stitchin' Time 1 pg fashion page
  - Shades of Sherlock 5 pg illustrated story Jean Atkins script signed
  2836 No Sale!
·Patsy Walker starring
5 pg art
  - Salute for Joanne 5 pg illustrated story Helen Gregutt script signed
  - Spring Magic and a Gun! 5 pg illustrated story Lelia H Jakes script signed
  - Food for Fun 1 pg art
  2699 That New Look!
·Patsy Walker starring
8 pg art
  - Love Trips Taffy 5 pg illustrated story Jacqueline Lee Stern script signed
  - Food for Fun 1 pg art
  - Whiz Quiz 1 pg activity page