Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1944
Cover Notes
Dolores Conlon as Miss America.
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits

Notes: Inside front cover.
1 pg contents
The Mystery of the Shocker
·Miss America starring
14 pg art Pauline Loth pencils attributed

Doc V.: Creator Credit
Miss America's Own Fashions
1 pg fashion page
Don't Be a Pin-up Girl
1 pg article Helene Wanderman script signed

Notes: Contest announcement.
1 pg house ad
Hear the Bluebells Ring ...
4 pg illustrated story Maxine Shore script signed
Louise Altson pencils signed
Are You Having Date Problems?
3 pg art Jane Withers script signed
May Mann pencils signed
Janie's Awakening ...
4 pg illustrated story Frank Martin Webber script signed
James Billmeyer pencils signed
A Wallflower Blooms ...
4 pg illustrated story Dorothy Day script signed
An Almost Girl ...
3 pg article Tess Lawrence script signed
Are You Lonesome?
3 pg article John F Oliven, M.D script signed
Big Sister
3 pg illustrated story Sgt. Margaret Jane Taggs script signed
For Girls Only!
3 pg art Nina Wilcox Putnam script signed
Dear Betty Ann:�
3 pg article Victoria Allen Dunford script signed
Your Voice and You
3 pg article Susan Larkin script signed
Tricky Tests for Teens ...
2 pg article Martin Panzer script signed
Tops for Teens ...
2 pg fashion page
Happy Sitting
2 pg article Lorna Ellis script signed
Mary Gibson pencils signed
Charm Rou-Teens ...
2 pg article Mary M Ahern script signed
Beauty Isn't Everything
2 pg fashion page Vera Lawson script signed
It's Fun to Act
2 pg article Karen Van Liseel script signed
Elmer Tomasch pencils signed
Hollywood's Younger Set
2 pg art Trudy Smith script signed
[Introducing Patsy Walker]
·Patsy Walker starring
·Buzz Baxter starring
7 pg art Ruth Atkinson pencils attributed