Astonishing 13

Title Published
April 1951 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 63
Number of Issues
Continued From
Marvel Boy
Issue Information
Cover Date
May 1952
Sighted Date Stamp
Mar 14 1952
Cover Titles
Ghoul's Gold!
The Death Watch!
The House on the Hill!
Cover Credits
Bill Everett pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  A-197 The Three Feathers 5 pg art Hank Chapman script signed
Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Unknown inks
  A-192 The Demon of Disaster 2 pg text
  A-126 Ghoul's Gold 4 pg art Bernie Krigstein pencils attributed

John Benson: Creator Credit
  A-40 The Death Watch 4 pg art Cal Massey pencils signed
  A-163 The House on the Hill 5 pg art Vic Carrabotta pencils signed
  A-222 Helen's Husband 5 pg art Ogden Whitney pencils signed