Astonishing 43

Title Published
April 1951 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 63
Number of Issues
Continued From
Marvel Boy
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1955
Cover Titles
Radio-Active Man!
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  G-784 The Radioactive Man! 5 pg art John Romita pencils signed
  G-932 The Jack Pot 2 pg text
  G-766 The Test! 5 pg art Manny Stallman pencils signed
  G-747 Will o' the Wisp! 4 pg art Bob Powell pencils attributed
  G-768 The Rival! 4 pg art Robert Q. Sale pencils attributed
  G-798 Man Alone! 5 pg art Fred Kida pencils attributed