Astonishing 53

Title Published
April 1951 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 63
Number of Issues
Continued From
Marvel Boy
Astonishing 53 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1956
Cover Titles
Down in the Cellar!
The Hunter's Prey!
Cover Credits
Bill Everett pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  J-957 The Hidden Valley! 4 pg art Lou Morales pencils signed
  J-994 There Were 3 Victims! 4 pg art Sid Greene pencils attributed
  J-945 Trapped in the Tunnel! 4 pg art John Forte pencils signed
  K-4 The Hunter's Prey! 4 pg art Dave Berg pencils signed
  K-188 The Utopia

Reprinted In: Strange Tales 82
Reprinted In: Journey Into Mystery 68
2 pg text Joe Maneely pencils and inks signed

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  J-938 Down in the Cellar! 3 pg art Ted Galindo pencils signed
  J-911 Build Me a Machine! 4 pg art Steve Ditko pencils signed