Astonishing 16

Title Published
April 1951 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 63
Number of Issues
Continued From
Marvel Boy
Astonishing 16 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1952
Cover Titles
Don't Make a Ghoul of Yourself!
The Miser!
I Prowl by Night!
Cover Credits
Bill Everett pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  A-590 I Prowl at Night!

Notes: Werewolves.
7 pg art Syd Shores pencils signed
  A-784 The Flying Saucers 2 pg text
  A-588 Terror in Jimmy's House 6 pg art Edward Goldfarb pencils signed
Bob Baer inks signed
  A-636 The Miser 6 pg art Bernie Krigstein pencils attributed
  A-574 Don't Make A Ghoul of Yourself! 4 pg art Dick Ayers pencils signed
Ernie Bache inks attributed