Astonishing 36

Title Published
April 1951 to August 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 63
Number of Issues
Continued From
Marvel Boy
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1954
Cover Titles
The Man Who Melted!
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  E-854 Greed! 5 pg art Pete Tumlinson pencils signed
  B-588 Strange Visitor 2 pg text
  E-760 The Snowman!

Reprinted In: Dead of Night 6
5 pg art Dave Berg pencils signed
  E-80 Let's Face It! 4 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils attributed
  E-826 The Man Who Melted!

Reprinted In: Chamber of Chills 10
4 pg art Al Eadeh pencils signed
  E-839 No Feelings! 5 pg art Paul Reinman pencils signed