Sub-Mariner Comics 31

Title Published
Spring 1941 to October 1955
Issue Numbers
1 to 42
Number of Issues
Title Notes
Numbering continued as Official True Crime Cases (24-25), then resumed. Numbering continued as Amazing Mysteries (32-35), then resumed. Numbering continued as Best Love (33-36), then resumed.
Sub-Mariner Comics 31 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1949
Indicia Publisher
Manvis Publications, Inc.
Cover Titles
The Man Who Grew!
Cover Credits
Unknown pencils
Title Pages Credits
4543 The Men Who Grew!
·The Sub-Mariner starring
5 pg art
5060 The Lost Land!
·The Sub-Mariner starring
4 pg art
  - Big Cat 2 pg text
  - It has been reliably reported that in England ... 1 pg editorial
  - Statement of Ownership

Notes: Sub Mariner Comics #31, “Statement of Ownership”
Publisher: Manvis Publications, Inc, 350 Fifth Avenue etc
Editor: Stan Lee, ditto
Managing Ed: Martin Goodman, ditto
Business Mngr: Robert Solomon
Owners: Manvis Publications, Inc, 350 Fifth Avenue Martin Goodman, Jean Goodman, David Goodman, Jerome A. Perles, Morris Siegel (all quoting 350 5th)
Signed: Robert Solomon
Notary public: Sylvia Fiegen, commission expires, Mar 10, 1949
Dated: 9th September 1948
- pg art
4265 The Sea-Wolf!
·The Sub-Mariner starring

Notes: A Sub-Mariner Special
2 pg art Allen Bellman pencils attributed

Frank Motler: Creator Credit
Doc V.: Creator Credit
4492 -
·Captain America starring

Notes: [EXTRA Personal interview with the man who killed Captain America] (newspaper headline).
6 pg art
4040 The Drink of Death!
·The Sub-Mariner starring
8 pg art