Sub-Mariner Comics 4

Title Published
Spring 1941 to October 1955
Issue Numbers
1 to 42
Number of Issues
Title Notes
Numbering continued as Official True Crime Cases (24-25), then resumed. Numbering continued as Amazing Mysteries (32-35), then resumed. Numbering continued as Best Love (33-36), then resumed.
Issue Information
Cover Date
Winter 1941
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Timely Comics, Inc.
The Sub-Mariner starring
The Angel starring
Cover Credits
Alex Schomburg pencils attributed
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Title Pages Credits

Notes: Inside front cover. Marvel Mystery Comics ad.

Do You Want A Kick Out of Reading?
1 pg house ad
Murders by Ghost Light
·The Sub-Mariner starring
20 pg art Bill Everett pencils guess

Notes: Don't Delay Another Second! Captain America's Sentinels of Liberty ad.
1 pg house ad
The Horror that Walked
·The Sub-Mariner starring
18 pg art Bill Everett pencils guess
Fresh Meat for a Raider!
2 pg text Mickey Spillane script signed
Statement of Ownership.
- pg art
Pop's Woppers
2 pg art Art Gates script signed
Art Gates pencils signed
Death's Merry-Go-Round!
·The Angel starring
20 pg art
Dr. Dimwit
1 pg art Basil Wolverton pencils signed

Notes: Inside Back cover. "Flaming to the Front!" Numan Torch No 6 ad.
1 pg house ad