My Own Romance 8

Title Published
March 1949 to July 1960
Issue Numbers
4 to 76
Number of Issues
Continued From
My Romance
Continued Into
Teen-age Romance
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1949
Cover Titles
My Strange Rival!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  5234 My Nightmare Romance! 10 pg art
  5548 My Strange Rival! 8 pg art
  - Sonnet of Love

Notes: The last five lines of Shakespeare's 29th Sonnet, first published in 1609.
1 pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  - Dance, Gypsy, Dance 2 pg text
  5373 My Magic Dress! 7 pg art Lin Streeter contributions attributed

Scott Pell: Creator Credit
  - Straight from the Heart 2 pg letters page
  5175 Can Such Love Live? 11 pg art Syd Shores pencils attributed