My Own Romance 13

Title Published
March 1949 to July 1960
Issue Numbers
4 to 76
Number of Issues
Continued From
My Romance
Continued Into
Teen-age Romance
My Own Romance 13 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
October 1950
Indicia Publisher
Red Circle Magazines, Inc.
Cover Titles
Even as Carl Kissed Me, I Could Feel
a Pair of Outraged Eyes Burning through Me!
Cover Credits
Christopher Rule pencils guess
Title Pages Credits
  6659 My Heart Was a Flame! 8 pg art
  6947 Second Chance 6 pg art
  6401 Crisis! 8 pg art
  6980 Broken-Hearted Love 2 pg text
  6790 I Was Betrayed! 8 pg art
  6136 The Choice 8 pg art