My Own Romance 63

Title Published
March 1949 to July 1960
Issue Numbers
4 to 76
Number of Issues
Continued From
My Romance
Continued Into
Teen-age Romance
My Own Romance 63 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
May 1958
Cover Titles
On the Wrong Side of the Tracks!
Cover Credits
Vince Colletta pencils signed
Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  M-992 I Live On the Wrong Side of the Tracks! 5 pg art Vince Colletta pencils signed
  H-592 Popular Girl 2 pg text
  O-65 The Lady Is a Flirt! 4 pg art Ann Brewster pencils attributed
  O-36 And So Good-Bye!

Notes: Last panel shows a copy of My Own Romance with a caption that reads in part, "Don't miss the heart warming sequel to this story in a future issue of My Own Romance!" This does not seem to have happened.
5 pg art Vince Colletta pencils attributed

Tom Lammers: Story Information
  M-976 Girls Who Wear Glasses 4 pg art Christopher Rule pencils attributed
Vince Colletta inks attributed
  O-25 We Date in Secret 5 pg art Jay Scott Pike pencils signed