My Own Romance 29

Title Published
March 1949 to July 1960
Issue Numbers
4 to 76
Number of Issues
Continued From
My Romance
Continued Into
Teen-age Romance
My Own Romance 29 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1953
Cover Titles
Love Is Where You Find It!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  C-260 Milly's Mistake! 5 pg art Jay Scott Pike pencils signed
  C-99 Poor Little Rich Girl 2 pg text
  C-166 Love Is Where You Find It! 7 pg art Alice Kirkpatrick pencils attributed
  C-252 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em! 5 pg art Stan Lee script signed
Werner Roth pencils attributed
  B-948 The Reason He Left Me! 6 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Christopher Rule inks attributed