My Own Romance 24

Title Published
March 1949 to July 1960
Issue Numbers
4 to 76
Number of Issues
Continued From
My Romance
Continued Into
Teen-age Romance
My Own Romance 24 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1952
Cover Titles
Two Men Love Joan!
Cover Credits
Carmine Infantino pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  A-874 Be Still, My Heart 6 pg art Carmine Infantino pencils attributed
  A-796 Dangerous Kisses 6 pg art Morris Weiss pencils signed
  A-725 Heart to Heart Talk 1 pg letters page
  A-648 A Man for Amy 3 pg art Stan Lee script attributed

Ger Apeldoorn: Story Information
  A-730 My Lost Love! 6 pg art Ogden Whitney pencils attributed
  5330 Postponement of Love 2 pg text
  A-870 Overanxious 5 pg art Ann Brewster pencils guess
  A-647 Two Men Love Joan! 10 pg art Stan Lee script attributed
Al Hartley pencils attributed

Ger Apeldoorn: Story Information