Love Romances 9

Title Published
May 1949 to July 1963
Issue Numbers
6 to 106
Number of Issues
Continued From
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1949
Cover Titles
Corinne Vickers Lost Love!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  6318 I Had to Pay for My Past! 7 pg art
  6282 He Refused My Love! 8 pg art
  6522 Ready for Romance 2 pg text
  6571 My Heart Was a Football for Too Many Men! 8 pg art Marion Sitton pencils unsigned
Unknown inks

Doc V.: Creator Credit
  - Let's Talk About Your Love Romances 2 pg letters page
  6050 Corinne Vickers Lost Love! 8 pg art
  6044 I Was Afraid to Marry! 7 pg art