Love Romances 69

Title Published
May 1949 to July 1963
Issue Numbers
6 to 106
Number of Issues
Continued From
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1957
Cover Titles
Falling In Love!
New Girl on the Block!
When He Proposed!
Cover Credits
Vince Colletta pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  M-142 New Girl on the Block 5 pg art Vince Colletta pencils signed
  H-319 Dreaming High 2 pg text
  M-185 Love Letters 4 pg art John Tartaglione pencils attributed
  M-202 For Better or for Worse! 5 pg art
  M-178 When He Proposed 4 pg art Ann Brewster pencils attributed
  M-201 Falling in Love 5 pg art Vince Colletta pencils signed